10 Great Family Fun Activities for This Fall

family apple picking

Yay for fall! Fall is my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. The weather is perfect, it comes before the holiday rush, and there are plenty of great family activities to do. We enjoy a ton of great outdoor activities each year and I wanted to share some of those with you.

We all know the benefits of having family time and the benefits of being outside. Hopefully some of these fall activities will help you come up with ideas for your family.

  • Apple Picking- To some that may sound boring, but it actually is a really family friendly activity for many reasons. You get to go to a new place, pick your own apples, eat a few, and most of the orchards have tons of activities. We have visited orchards with hayrides, cider tasting, playgrounds, and even one with a full-on apple bakery. Lastly, you can spend time baking yummy treats, as a family, when you get home.
  • Fall Festivals- Look for your local fall festivals. There are normally tons of them. They offer things like fun activities, corn mazes, bounce houses, pumpkins, and hayrides.
  • Hiking- Fall is such an amazing time for hiking. You can visit local places or take a day trip to somewhere new. Outdoor time is good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be anything challenging. Just get out and let that sunshine on your face a little. The kids can enjoy all the things nature has to offer.
  • Camping- This is our favorite time of year to camp. We love to head over towards the mountains and pick somewhere with an amazing view. Check out my posts on camping with the family to prepare or read about some of the fun locations we have visited.
  • Book a Cabin- If you aren’t up for camping, book a cabin in the mountains. You can have all the perks of a home, while taking in amazing views. It is so pretty when you look out and see the sun setting over all the colorful leaves.
sunset over mountains
  • Football Games- It’s that time of year. Fall means football. If your family likes sports, fall football games are great ways to make memories. Local high school, college, or NFL games are all great ways to spend together time. If you don’t go in person, watch a game together at home. We love to create “football Sundays” by making finger foods and throwing on a good game.
  • Visit the Zoo- We have found fall to be a great time for the zoo. The animals are usually outside and ready to interact, but it is also not too hot to walk around. We love visiting the drive through zoo, where we can walk around and drive through to feed the animals. Nothing is more fun that an ostrich sticking its head in your car.
  • Get Active Outside- Take a family walk together, fish, rollerblade, shoot some hoops, or do a bike ride. As I said before, getting outside is such a healthy habit. There are so many benefits to being outside. So, take advantage of the weather and enjoy some time together outdoors.
  • Pumpkin Patches- Get your pumpkins for Halloween at a local pumpkin patch. Or pick some out for your front doorstep. Pumpkin patches are so fun for kids. They usually have tons of activities, play areas, and treats.
  • Family Picnics- Our kids love a good picnic. So, try picking a spot in your neighborhood, yard, or a local park and pack your cooler. There are so many great picnic ideas, from place to foods. Check out Pinterest and make a day of it.

Hopefully this list has sparked at least one idea for you. If you are not much of an outdoors person, there are also a lot of things you can do in the house. Try some fall crafts or baking with the kids. There are so many fun fall craft ideas and recipes available on Pinterest.

Most of all, enjoy your fall!

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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