15 Items You Need to Pack for Your Family Cruise

Getting ready to pack for that big family cruise? You won’t want to leave without these important items. Cruising with kids can be challenging, but these 15 products will help relieve some stress and make your life easier. Take it from parents who cruised with four kids and did not use the kid’s program on the ship.

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1. Magnetic Clips

Did you know that the walls on in your stateroom are magnetic? No? Me neither my first cruise. But they are, and these magnetic clips are awesome to hang anything from itineraries, to hats, to light sweatshirts.

2. Hanging Shoe Organizer

The hanging shoe organizer is the perfect item to hang on the back of the closet door. You can put anything in here from kids snacks, to toiletries, to accessories, and actual shoes. It helps you really maximize your space.

3. Hanging Toiletry Organizer

This toiletry organizer can be hung on the back of the bathroom door and help you free your bathroom counter space. There typically is not a ton of space for “all the things” in the bathroom.

4. A Beach or Pool Bag

Don’t forget your favorite beach or pool bag. You are going to need it if there is water and sand involved. It makes it so much easier to go to the pool and carry all that you need for the family.

5. Bulk Pack Wipes

Even if you do not have a baby, there will be a time for wipes. Hand wipes, face wipes, cleaning wipes, or body wipes in general. If you are traveling with kids, you will need them.

6. Insulated Cups or Water Bottles

Yes, you can bring your own cup on. Having water bottles with you is literally a life and money saver.

7. Anti-Nausea Medicine and Sea Bands

If there is any possibility of you or one of the kids getting sick, make sure you are ready with the anti-nausea remedies. I personally stand by Sea- Bands and swear they work. But they also make medications for kids and adults.

8. White Noise Machine

If your family usually needs a fan to sleep or needs some form of noise, don’t leave it at home. The ships make all types of sounds, and a white noise machine can save your nights.

9. A Power Strip

There are very few outlets in the staterooms. So, be sure bring a little power strip for all your electronics.

10. Towel Clips

It gets windy! Don’t forget your towel clips. These will clip your towel in place on the chairs and they can be easily brought onshore by clipping them on your beach bag.

11. Water Shoes

Make sure you and the kids have easy to slip on and off water friendly shoes. There will be times that there is not nice sand to walk on and you don’t want them to slip on the decks.

12. Pop Up Laundry Bin

These are wonderful things. A pop-up laundry bin can fold up into a very flat ring and then pop up to hold all that dirty wet clothing. You definitely do not want the kids to just throw it on the floor or back on top of clean clothes.

13. First Aid Kit

Yes, there is a medical place on the boat. However, if you just have a minor scrape or bug bite, you do not want to hop on the elevator to go all the way there. Having a little first aid kit with some bandages is super helpful.

14. Luggage Tags

Put your own luggage tags on all of your bags. Those paper tags that the ships give you can come off. You do not want to be stuck in a line trying to find your luggage at the end of the trip.

15. Your Own Snacks and Beverages

Yup, most cruise lines let you bring on your own snacks and beverages, within reason. We could even bring on a couple bottles of wine per stateroom. The kids will appreciate having the snacks they love, and you may not be able to get on the ship. Check your cruise line for their policies regarding this and read my post with more great tips on cruising with kids.

Happy Packing! I hope you enjoy your trip and make some special memories.

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many


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