15 Must Have Baby Products for New Parents

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I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked which baby products we actually recommend. There are so many products out there that it can be hard to know what you actually need. After four babies, we found some great products that really worked well for us, and we tried some products that did NOT work well for us. Today I am going to talk about the products that worked well and leave the negativity for a later date.

Now what worked for us, may not work for you, however, I am going to talk about the 15 products that I really feel would benefit all parents. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them and many of them were true lifesavers for us. I will also tell you why. Let’s get started!

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1. The Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

The Owlet is #1 on our list and rightfully so. This investment is so worth the peace of mind that it provides. When we traveled without it, I cannot tell you how many times I would wake up to check if the baby was still breathing. We have tried the Angel Care, Nanit, and the Owlet systems. Owlet wins hands down.

This is a baby monitoring system that monitors the heartrate and oxygen of your baby while they sleep. There is a camera with this package so that you can also see your baby. The sock has an alarm that goes off if your baby’s oxygen or heart rate drops while they are sleeping. It is comfortable and never bothered our little one because we started it from birth. We only had one false alarm and it was because the sock had slipped out of place. With other systems, we had multiple false alarms. I could go on and on about this system. For anxious mommas, it’s a must have.

2. Gerber Good Start Probiotic Drops

We did not know about these until our fourth baby but, they get a hallelujah from us. Our fourth baby, had horrible acid reflux, spitting up, and digestive issues from birth. Someone told us about these, in our haze of sleepless nights, and I can say they really helped. They did not take it all away, but they actually did help and provided relief to our little guy. I recommend them to anyone who’s baby is having digestive issues.

3. HALO BassiNest

This is one that we did not try until our third baby but, I wish we would have. Such a great bassinet option. It is on a swivel so you can move it closer to you in bed, as needed. It has sound and vibration built in. It really is a safer way to sleep but still feel like you are co-sleeping because they are right there next to you.

4. Kiinde Bottles

Before we found these, we used Dr. Brown’s, which get an honorable mention. However, Dr. Brown’s have a lot of parts to clean and these do not. I was able to pump milk directly into bags and connect a bottle nipple to the bag, for a bottle. So fast, convenient, and easy to clean. They are awesome for travel and if the bags get expensive, you can also attach the nipple to their regular silicone bottles at home. Lastly, they also make sippy lids, spoons, and straws that fit right on the bags for when the child gets older.

5. Boppy Pillow

We loved our Boppy pillow! I used the maternity pillow to sleep and then the baby pillow for everything. Breast feeding, lounging, and tummy time! It works great and babies love them. There are so many different covers you can get, and the covers easily come off for washing.

6. Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

This is our favorite baby seat ever and the friends we gave ours too, feel the same way! I don’t know what it is about these seats, but babies love them. They can sit up and see what is going on. I will say, they also seem to love to poop when they are sitting in them. Maybe it’s positioning. Hmm….

7. Paci Clips

If you have a baby that loves their paci, you will need paci clips. You can see many pictures of my husband with a paci clipped to him using these. But basically, they keep the paci off the ground and make it easier to find. You can clip them to the baby’s clothes or bib, to the diaper bag, or even to yourself. So convenient!

8. Halo Sleep Sacks

We have tried about 15 different sleep sacks throughout our journey. Some worked and some didn’t, but we really liked the Halo brand sleep sacks. If your child likes being bundled up or swaddled, sleep sacks can help with sleep as they get bigger. Halo has a nice lightweight material, and they make a lot of different varieties. They are also a brand we trust.

9. Nasal Aspirator

Better known as the nose sucker! I really am still mad that we did not have these with our first baby. I am sure you have seen the gross one that you suck or the famous green bulb (which works great). But these electric nose suckers are the way to go. They quickly suck all the gunk out of there and are rechargeable. They even have music and lights to distract the baby!

10. Cloth Swim Diapers

Let’s all be honest here; swim diapers hold nothing. It is like just throwing away money to appease the pool police. I will say, we actually love these cloth swim diapers though. They are cute, cheaper, and more comfortable. I do think they are at least tighter around the legs to hold in chunks. Gross, I know….

11. Floor Play Gym

Tummy time is very important for babies. We really liked and used our floor play gyms a lot. This one with the keyboard makes it fun when they start kicking. We found that mats with colors and lots of stuff attached, were a huge hit with all of our babies.

12. Baby Spoons

These baby spoons worked so well with our son. He really learned how to use a spoon from a very young age with these! The ball made it to where he could easily hold them, and they are made out of a soft silicone material. They also have a large barrier so they cannot choke on them.

13. Car Sun Shades

These are a given for the car. But we really like the sun shades that cling on the windows, rather than pull down. We found that the pull-down shades would fall off a lot, stop sticking, or the kids would play with them. These just stick right on the window and lay flat.

14. Sophie Giraffe

My husband about killed me when I bought a $20+ teether for our first baby but, it was worth it! Our kids have loved their Sophie. I don’t know what it is about this piece of rubber but, kids really do love it. It is great for teething and that is why they have been around over 55 years!

15. Bottle Warmer

I know some people say they don’t use theirs or they use the microwave, but I loved our bottle warmer. It made it so easy in the middle of the nigh to warm pumped milk or formula. You don’t have to worry about the microwave and getting scalding hot milk. Find the setting that works for your little and stick with that.

Well, that’s it. Those are our top 15. Hopefully this has helped you add some things to your registry or wish list. Be sure to check out our list of things you should start early with kids too. It is a very helpful post with all those things you don’t tend to think about while planning for baby.

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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