18 Family Camping Products You Need to Pack

I know, when you go camping there is already so much to pack. If you are like us, it literally can feel like you are packing your house to go set it up somewhere else. But that can be a normal part of camping with the family. In all of our many adventures, we have found some pretty cool products that make camping more enjoyable or simplify things. Here’s our list of go to products.

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1. Headlamps– These have helped us on many trips. Some campgrounds are not well lit, and you can’t see at night. Not to mention, the kids think they are cool.

2. Flame Color Changers– You can change the color of your fire. Yup, and it is cool. The kids love these little packets that you just throw in the fire and watch the flames change color.

3. Hammocks– Who doesn’t love snoozing in a hammock. There are thousands of them out there. These are small and fold up into a bag, so they don’t take up much space.

4. Microfiber Towels– I cannot say enough about microfiber, quick drying, towels. They are amazing for so many different reasons. But, in general they are so much better than packing a stack of regular towels or beach towels.

5. Marshmallow Skewers– Yes, please! Don’t worry about finding a stick. These are great for roasting the perfect marshmallow and telescope so they are super compact.

6. Walkie Talkies– Kids not quite old enough for a phone or maybe, you take them away when you camp. What ever will they do? Kidding. Giving the kids walkie talkies or actually using them as adults, can be super helpful when you camp. There are places that don’t have service.

7. Foldable Beach Buckets– Whether you are camping at the beach or in the woods, kids love dirt. Foldable Beach Buckets allow you to pack some outdoor toys but take up less space.

8. Camping Utensil Set– I am pretty sure you are going to do some cooking on your camping trip. They make some really great, easy to pack, cooking sets.

9. Cornhole– I know this one is not small and takes up space but if you have the space, I highly recommend it. Kids and adults can play with this for hours on end. Tournament anyone?

10. Hanging Lights– I think we probably have a dozen different types of lights but these hanging lights are really neat. They can clip in tents or on belt loops and be used for a variety of things.

11. Outdoor Blankets– I think we use these weekly, without even being on a camping trip. Outdoor blankets can be used anywhere. They are waterproof and easy to clean. We even use them at sports practices so we don’t have to carry chairs.

12. Portable Potty– I know this seems funny but it can be a life saver. We have kids who refuse to go in the great outdoors. But we actually keep this in our car for road trips too!

13. Personal Water Filter– If you do hike or are iffy about the water source, these individual filters are great! You don’t want to be stuck without water.

14. Portable Fire– Unbelievably, these little fire tins have 3-5 hours of burn time. They are great for emergency use but you can also toast your marshmallows over them. Some campsites don’t offer firepits but these are permissable.

15. Packing Cubes– I have said it a zillion times, when you pack for a family use packing cubes. You can pack each person’s clothes separate, it makes it so organized, and easy to grab your clothes.

16. Air Inflatable Lounger– Looking for a comfy, easy to pack, chair. This is it! These are so neat. They are like a couch and super easy to inflate with air (no pump needed). Best of all, they float!

17. Portable Clothes Line– You know you are going to need this. Towels, wet clothes, swimsuits….you end up hanging a ton of stuff out to dry.

18. Outdoor First Aid Kit– Please don’t forget your first aid kit. You never know when something will happen. Surely, a kid will need a bandaid at some point.

Now there are probably 50 more products that I could list on here because again, we pack our whole house in the camper. Hopefully this sparked a fun or helpful idea for you though. If you are looking for some neat places to camp, check out my posts on Jellystone and Lakewood. Most of all enjoy your trip and the great outdoors!

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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