5 Awesome Party Additions Your Kid Will Love

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Anytime I get ready to plan a birthday party for one of my kids, I search for unique things that I have not done before. New stuff comes out all the time! Like right now, balloons arches are the thing. You can get your own pump, arch kits, and tons of different types of balloons. Let me tell you they aren’t easy to do yourself but, as a parent, you want their day to be grand.

Here are some more really great party additions that will make your child’s party extra special.

Light Up Balloons

light up LED balloons

I first saw these light up LED balloons at a festival we were at with the kids. When I decided to do an “oh the places you will go theme” I knew these were the perfect addition. I will say that they took a bit to put together, but they were so worth it. We gave one to each child as a take home gift and they all loved them.

Note: These do have batteries and come apart so I would not use them for really small children.

Face Paint or Glitter Tattoos

If you are super creative, face paint is something kids really really love. However, it does take creativity and patience. They don’t like to sit still long. But I ordered this great face paint from Amazon and our kids have me do their face for every occasion.

If you are less creative, glitter tattoos are fun and easy. You can order a glitter tattoo kit with tons of different stencils. They are super easy to apply and come out great.

Photo Back Drops

birthday party back drop with balloons

Who doesn’t love a great picture? Adding a fun backdrop for a photo booth or just to decorate in general is a great idea. Kids love the fun “photo booth” idea and you can spice it up with tons of fun prop signs to match their theme. If you just want to do a backdrop, you can make it grand with balloons.

A Special Shirt or Outfit

child with one year old shirt on

Who doesn’t want to feel special on their big day? By getting a special shirt or outfit for your child it makes them the center of attention and it is great for pictures. You can get pretty much any type of shirt made now but it also does not have to be personalized. Below are the “special” dresses that we got for our girls.

kids sparkly party dresses

A Pinata or Candy Station

pinata on a table

Kids love any form of candy, and it is their special day after all. Order a pinata and fill it with all their favorites or make a candy station. Get gift bags that match your theme and that way the kids can take the candy with them in their bag.

Note: You do not have to get a pinata that the kids hit, as space may not permit. They actually make pull string pinatas where the kids each pull a string until it breaks open.

Lastly, one little birthday add on that I love is to ask the guests to give a signed book instead of a card. Our son has a collection, and they all hold special memories. Check out my post on how to support your child with independent reading too. One day they will be able to read all those special messages on their own!

Happy party planning! Remember that no matter what you do, your kid will love it.

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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