5 Classic Board Games Your Kids Will Love

When it comes to board games there are thousands of them out there. How can you possibly decide which one to buy? My advice is to stick to the classics! Our family LOVES playing games and we have found that our kids really enjoy the classics. For example, I tried to buy a new version of Monopoly and my kids could not wait for it to end. They wanted to break out the classic version and I will say, I was a bit proud in that moment.

Here is a list of the top five classic board games that we recommend playing with your family and keeping in the game closet.

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Monopoly or Monopoly Junior

Everyone knows about Monopoly, right? No. I was really surprised how many people I polled had never played Monopoly! There are like 500 versions out there now, but our recommendation is that you stick to good old classic Monopoly. Buy properties as you land on them, build houses when you get all of the same set, and collect your rent. Just don’t go bankrupt! We play with kids right down to the age of seven and that seven-year-old actually beat us. But you can also get Monopoly Junior if you have a younger crowd.

Note: Monopoly can be a LONG game. Make sure you have the time and patience to play.

The Game of Life

Life is a classic game that can teach you a few things along the way. Playing life with our kids has allowed them to think about things they would not normally think about. Did you think about going to college or straight to work at age eight? I know I didn’t. Plus, the kids get a kick out of getting married, having kids, and earning a salary.

Kids playing Life


Clue is an oldie but such a goodie! This one has to be played when the kids are a bit older, but it is never boring. You can expect that when you sit down to play Clue, you will play more than one game. We never get by with just one round. Who did it, in what room, with what weapon? That is what you are trying to figure out, as your player moves from room to room around the board.

We love this Clue Jr. version too!

Clue Game

Candy Land

Candy Land is one that can be played with any kid who can sit still long enough. Our four-year-old really enjoys it. It’s all about moving to a fun-colored space and making it to the end first. Simple enough and still fun.

Candy Land Game Board


I don’t know if Jenga counts as a board game but, I’m going to include it. This is a game that can be played by most anyone. Kids and adults love it. Whether it’s just stacking blocks or actually having a strategy, don’t let the tower fall!

Try this colorful version of Jenga too!


Again, there are so many games out there. These are our top five classic board games but, be sure to put a couple of your favorites in the game closet for that rainy day. Even better, keep them on hand for that snow day activity. See my post about preparing for a fun family snow day!

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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