About Mommy to Many

Hello! My name is Kristy Moten and I am a working mother of four busy beautiful children. My husband is a stay-at-home father and that allows us to have a lot of experiences together as a family.

We found ourselves always answering the question, “how do you do that with so many kids?”. So, in 2022, I decided to start a blog in hopes of helping other parents navigate life when you have kids in tow and to build a community of parents who can relate to each other. I truly enjoy writing, helping other parents, being creative, and giving recommendations.

Once I began blogging, many people would ask for information on all the places we visit because we are a traveling family. So, I decided to add travel posts to the blog and that’s how we got where we are with mommytomany.com. We also have guest bloggers post awesome content from time to time!

Nothing is easy with kids, but there are some great little hacks that can help you along the way. It’s all about the journey. I hope you find some of the posts helpful or at the very least, entertaining and relatable.