All About the Amazing Mountain Creek Park

map of mountain creek park
Mountain Creek Park Map

Tucked away in Catawba County, on Little Mountain Road, there is an amazing park called Mountain Creek Park. This is by far one of the coolest parks we have been to. It has a little of everything and, if you are an outdoor loving family, this park is for you! Well worth the drive.

Our first visit was in the morning, on a Sunday. The crowd was low when we arrived. The kids had tons of space to run and play. As we approached noon, the crowd grew but wasn’t overwhelming. The park is so big that people really can spread out.

The Playground

playground at mountain creek park
The Playground at Mountain Creek Park

This playground is so unique and crafted for adventurous kids. It is designed and built by a company called Beanstalk Builders. Boy do they really bring adventure to life!

rope bridge at mountain creek park
The Rope Bridge

There are tons of rope features, hidden passages, and things to swing from. The best is that it really fits most ages from toddler to tween. Heck, us adults even enjoyed it!

rope swing at mountain creek park

The Fishing Pier

Yup, that’s right, there’s even a fishing pier on the lake. It’s not just a little pond so the fish come and go in there. You can definitely reel one in if you hit it at the right time. Try live worms, they seem to love them. You can prepare for your fishing trip with this post on teaching kids how to fish.

fishing pier at mountain creek park
The Fishing Pier

The Trails

Throughout the park there are tons of walking, hiking, and biking trails. There are too many to count. Hence the map, that gives you the trail lengths and levels. Some of them are long and some of them short. Some are paved and some are rugged. There’s literally a trail for everyone. We found a nice little picnic area, on the water, at the end of the main paved trail. Such a wonderful area for a snack break.

picnic area at mountain creek park
Picnic Area on the Lake

The Main Building

The main building is really neat. It not only houses some very clean restrooms, but it also has a little library of books, with seating. There were a couple animals in tanks (turtles) for the kids to look at, as well. The reception desk attendees were very kind and helpful. They gave us a map and answered any questions we had.

main park building at mountain creek park

There are a ton of other activities at the park. There’s a pump track, pickle ball courts, picnic shelter, and a dog park. So there really is something for everyone! We highly recommend paying it a visit and it will be staying on our top park list!


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