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Summer is here, school is out, and you need to plan some fun. Why not try a summer bucket list for you and your family? Planning a bucket list for the summer can help you organize all of the great ideas into one place, and it helps document all the fun memories that you will make. Plus, when you have an actual list, it is so rewarding to check items off!

Let’s start with a template. Here is my free printable template, if you do not want to create your own. You can just print it out and you are ready for a brainstorming dinner session with the family.

Free Summer Bucket List Template

Creating the List

In order to create your bucket list, you can think about it by category. The template is broken up into some key categories and has an “other” section for all other items. But again, you can create your own template if you have other ideas for your categories.

  • Visit– This category is all the places that you would like to visit. List out realistic places that you can actually go. Whether it be local, driving distance, or vacations. We love to visit local parks and fishing spots, so those always make the list.
  • Create– Let those creative juices flow! This category is for all the things that you can create. It can be a crafts, art, music, or even a performance. Dance party anyone?
  • Eat– With summer, comes yummy food. What are some special things that you can eat? Or maybe include some fun interactive family dinners. I know ice cream sundaes always make our list.
  • WatchFamily movie night time! Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Think of some family friendly movies that you would like to see. Maybe there is even something in theatres that you would like to go watch.
  • Read– It is important to keep the reading up, even in the summer. That is one thing that is easy to slack off on but, important to incorporate. Have the kids pick some fun books they would like to read. Maybe it becomes family reading time where you read a book together.
  • Other– The other category is for all the “other” things that you want to do this summer. Maybe it is having a staycation, camping in the backyard, or having a sleepover. There are so many fun things to incorporate into your summer.

So go ahead and plan your summer bucket list. Remember you don’t have to do everything on it, but that can be your goal. Have fun checking things off, spending time together, and creating fun summer memories for your family. After all, we only get so many summers with our littles.

You can also check out my post on 7 fun ways to spend time as a family for more ideas. Your bucket list will be full before you know it!

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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