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Usually when you tell people you are going camping, they think of a tent in the woods. But camping can be so much more or less than that. Recently, I came across this cute little outdoor resort, called Emberglow, in the Lake Lure area. This beautiful area is nestled away in the mountains of North Carolina. I decided to book a spot for our family, in our camper, and try it out. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint and there is something for everyone here!

Emberglow has been around for about three years, and they have a variety of ways that you can stay. Have you ever wanted to stay in a yurt or a retro camper? Well, they have them available! There are so many cool options that I think we will continue going back just to try them all!

a yurt in the woods
A Yurt at Emberglow

The property really looks like it is brand new. They maintain everything very well and have people constantly working around the resort. The bathhouses were clean, the pool was clear, and the grounds were well manicured.


Their sites are very large and spread out. We booked an RV spot with an outdoor kitchen on it. The site was so large that we were able to fit our camper, a tent, and two cars. You do not feel like you are jam packed into a camping resort. It truly is relaxing and peaceful on the resort.

Amenities at Emberglow

There are so many things to enjoy at this outdoor resort. It is very family friendly, and the kids will love it. They have a resort style outdoor pool, cool playground, outdoor trails, bounce pad, pavilion, and a community fire pit. During peak season they even have live music, activities, and their own food truck!

playground outside in the woods
Part of the Playground

The Local Area

Emberglow is only about 15 minutes away from Lake Lure and the Chimney Rock area. There is so much to do around there, that I cannot possibly name it all. Be sure to check out my post on adventures in the Chimney Rock area. Fun family activities include, gem mining, Chimney Rock Park, fishing, boat tours, and playing on the Lake Lure public beach.

View from the top of Chimney Rock

So, I encourage you to book your unique stay, turn of the cell phones, and enjoy all that Emberglow has to offer. I know we will be back in the near future.

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-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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