5 Great Ways to Keep Your Children Safe in Public

For many parents taking their children out in public can create anxiety and worry. Especially when it’s a crowded place or a place that you have never been before. You just want to keep them safe. There are a few easy things that you can do to ease your nerves a bit and help keep your kids safe.

1. Use a Stroller or Cart

ethnic baby lying in stroller during stroll with parents
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If your children are still small enough to fit in a stroller, use one. They make double strollers where larger kids can have a seat on the back and strollers have so many accessories now. Even if your kid is not a runner, a stroller can ease your mind. They are strapped in and go wherever you push them.

Same with shopping carts. If you are going to a store that has carts, teach your kid that they have to stay in the cart. Start it at a young age and never stray away from it. The cart is much more safe than running down aisles.

2. Have a Safety Plan

If your children are old enough to understand a safety plan, make one every place you go. Your safety plan should include a meeting place, what to do if they can’t find you, and what to do should an emergency happen.

The outline of your safety plan can remain the same but specifics will change. For example, they know you will have a meeting place in case they get away but what the specific meeting place is will change.

3. Take a Picture

Kids looking through the glass in a mall

Be sure to take a picture of your children as soon as you arrive at any public place. That way should they get away from you, you are able to quickly show people what they look like and identify what they are wearing.

You don’t even have to make it known why you are taking a picture. Just make it a habit to take a fun “starting” the day picture anywhere you go.

4. Talk to Them about Being Safe

When your kids are old enough, make sure they know the basics of safety. This includes knowing your phone number and full name. Children should be able to memorize your phone number by age five or so. Obviously, all kids are different and this will vary. If they aren’t able to memorize it yet, write it on their wrist and use liquid Bandaid to cover it for the day.

They should also understand what to do if a stranger approaches them or if they get away from you. Kids are never too young to teach “stranger danger”.

5. Time It Right

Now this one is two fold. First, if you are concerned about going out, choose a time that is not so busy. I know that won’t always be possible but sometimes it is. You can win just by choosing a less busy day and have a little less anxiety.

Second, don’t choose a time when your child is in rare form. Try to avoid the over tired periods, the grumpy days, and the nap times. An unhappy child is a lot more difficult to keep safe.

Lastly, remember you can do it and it is possible. Don’t let your anxiety talk you out of fun family moments and memories.

Also, check out my post on what you should start early with kids. It talks a bit more about safety and going out.

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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