10 Awesome Items for a Perfect Family Beach Day

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I mean there is not really much that you HAVE to HAVE in order for the kids to enjoy the beach. Ours would pretty much play on the beach for hours with just a cup if you let them. However, there are some really cool beach items available now adays. They make just about everything for you to fully enjoy the beach.

Obviously different ages also require different “stuff”. Having four kids, we have found some pretty helpful things along the way, from baby to tween. The first being a really good beach wagon to tote all the “stuff” to the beach. Taking kids to the beach is work, so you want to make it as easy as possible.

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Here are our top beach items for a fun family beach day, with the links.

1. A Good Beach Wagon

Again, you have to be able to tote all the “stuff” across that hot sand to a premium castle building spot. These collapsible wagons are the way to go. They take up very little space and can be used for a variety of things! Very much worth the investment.

2. A Sand Proof Beach Blanket

I am not going to tell you how many outdoor blankets I have. I may be slightly obsessed, but they are worth it. Sand proof blankets at the beach save your sanity. This one has stakes for the corners, is lightweight, and folds up into a bag!

3. A Bogg Bag

I literally am in love with my Bogg Bag. It is my favorite bag and for so many reasons. They are waterproof, heavy duty, washable and come in tons of cute colors. They are not only great for the beach, but they are perfect for pool days too.

4. Collapsible Sand Toys

If you are like us, you have been through 100 bags of sand toys and continue to buy more each time you go to the beach. These collapsible sand buckets are the best. They take up very little space, are easy to pack, and are sturdy!

5. A Backpack Cooler

Most people bring a cooler to the beach. You have to pack all the snacks and drinks, right!?! A backpack cooler makes carrying them SO much easier. This one fits 54 cans, is soft, and leakproof. You can also use it for many other outdoor activities.

6. Microfiber Beach Towels

Microfiber beach towels are the way to go! Not only do they dry fast and take up less space, but they are also sand free. These towels come in a two pack and a variety of patterns.

7. Glow Balls

If you have older kids, you know that you usually bring some form of ball to most outdoor activities. These are really neat glow balls, so that you can use them as the sun goes down.

8. Headlamps

Ever been out on the beach “crab hunting” at night and the kids want your phone? Yeah, me too. These headlamps are not only great for crab hunts, they can also be helpful for camping. Get each child their own color so they know which one is theirs!

9. Beach Tent

Some people need shade at the beach, like me. Could be that you get burnt easy, have a baby, or just need a break from the sun. Umbrellas work great, but these pop up tents are so fun for kids. They fold up into a bag and literally pop up for easy set up.

10. Neck Fan

Yup, the make neck fans, and they are great. I tend to get overheated very easily and these neck fans will really help you stay cool.

Well, those are just some of the many items that we have found useful over the years. Of course, you have to remember all the basics on top of everything else. Most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Be sure to check out my pool day post as well and enjoy your trip!

Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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