How to Make a Fun Family Movie Night Experience

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Family time is the best time and kids love watching movies. We found that our kids enjoy watching many of the classics that we watched as kids and it’s so fun to see their reaction to things. So, we plan family movie night regularly in our home and it’s always an exciting day.

Here are some tips on creating a fun family movie night experience for your family!

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Make it Cozy and Have a Movie Night Theme

Let the kids gather their favorite blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys. We have even done forts or small tents before, so everyone has their own space. Bean bag chairs and sleeping bags are great too!

It’s always fun to change the experience and make it a theme. You can do things like camping, carnival, road trip, or snow day. Center your atmosphere, clothing, and snacks around the theme.

Get All the Yummy Snacks and Drinks

Everyone has their own favorite snack and drink. We always make it a point to make it “treat” night and get everyone’s favorites. They get to have the fun stuff they don’t have every day and if you do have a theme, match your snacks. Example, if your theme is snow day, throw in some snow caps candy.

Movie night popcorn

Tip: Don’t forget your popcorn! You can get fun popcorn bowls and cups that make it more “movie” like. Check out these!

Pick a Good Family Movie

Now for the important part and the hardest part. Picking a movie that the whole family will love can be tough. If you have a theme, you can pick a movie that matches. Example, if it’s snow day, pick something like Cool Runnings or Ice Age.

Make sure to choose a movie that everyone will like. Even you. You don’t want to watch a bad movie just to entertain the kids for a bit. This is a family experience and memories are being made.

Check out my post with our top family movie recommendations here. There are some great ones on there, like Home Alone!

Review the Movie

After it’s all said and done, take a moment to review the movie. Be critics together. Ask each family member what they liked and didn’t like about the movie. This is time to chat, laugh, and get feedback on the experience.

Lastly, group clean. Don’t let them make the parents clean up after all the fun!

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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