How to Organize the Pantry and Make It Family Friendly

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Organizing anything can be so freeing. When you organize something, it makes you feel good, less stressed, and super productive. Having a family of six, I try to do one thing a week so that I don’t get overwhelmed with it all at once. My family loves to mess up the pantry and it is one place that I get overwhelmed with quickly.

There are some great ways that you can organize the pantry and make it more family friendly. Here are some tips and items that I have used along the way.

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The “ok” Snack Bins:

pantry baskets

I prefer to use these cute little baskets that they can reach into easily, but there are hundreds of different types you can buy. When I say the “ok” snack bins, I mean these are the bins that have the snacks that I am ok with them grabbing themselves. We put all sugary snacks, or treats, up and out of reach or they will be GONE.

Airtight Cereal Containers:

Airtight Cereal Containers

Cereal containers are the best. I do not use the stickers on the front to label them because we end up refilling them so often, but that is an option. These containers can be used for anything including sugar, flour, and spaghetti noodles. I particularly like them for cereal because the kids can pour it themselves and it keeps the cereal fresh. We all know that the cereal companies need to zip seal the top of the cereal bags!

The Spice Rack:

spice rack to organize spices

There are like thousands of spice racks out there but, I really love ours. It’s simple and cheap. There are too many things on the counter already and having just a simple rack in the pantry works for us. I don’t have to spin anything 10 times or transfer the spices to new containers. It’s really easy to just put them on shelves and see everything.

Pantry Shelf Covering:

This stuff is the best! It is vinyl covering for the wire on pantry shelves. We had to custom cut ours, but it was worth it. It keeps things from falling over and gives more strength to your pantry shelves. Great for cans!

Tip: You can also see the googly eye chip clip in the picture above. When your chip clips are not in use, clip them right near the chips so that they are easily accessible.

Bag/Foil Organizer:

This drawer organizer makes it so easy for the kids to grab a bag. It can actually go in a drawer or on the wall. It has slots for different size bags, your foil, and your plastic wrap. It also has a safe cutter on it! Everyone who comes over loves ours and we highly recommend it!

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas to organize your pantry. There are so many really neat things out there to help. Just type pantry organization in Amazon!

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-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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