Pool Day: Make Sure You’re Ready for the Fun

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Taking the kids to the pool for a fun pool day can feel like you are going on vacation. It takes a lot of prep work, packing, and you usually forget something along the way. But pool days can also be the most fun days! These are the summer days that your kids will remember. Therefore, I felt this topic needed a whole post, printable packing list, and some product recommendations.

Our family loves pool days. So, this post comes after many years of packing kids, toys, and snacks in the car for a fun family pool day. I feel like on about 50% of those trips I forgot something and ended up turning around or going home for one reason or another. So, I created this really easy printable pool bag packing list.

pool day packing list

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We have found some really fun pool day “stuff” along the way too. So here are the links to some of our go to items for a fun family pool day.

The Bogg Bag

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my Bogg Bag! I personally think these are the best pool or beach bags under the sun. They are waterproof and have lots of fun little pocket attachments that you can hang from the holes throughout the bag. There are tons of colors and styles. I think they are worth every penny!


These are literally the best kid’s goggles we have ever used. The band does not pull their hair and they go on and off so easily. They don’t leak and they have UV protection. They have a variety of colors and styles. Highly recommend them.

Spring Float Recliner

This is by far my favorite pool float, and we have tried a lot of them. It is so quick and easy to inflate when you arrive at the pool. I really love the way a kid can sit in it while I pull them around through the foot hole. Our kids love to take turns having a “ride”. It is super comfy!

Neutrogena Face Stick

This is our favorite sunscreen and we don’t even have babies anymore. I use it on all the kids face and it works great. We even have one child that is highly allergic to sunscreen but can use this stick on her face.

Cloth Swim Diapers

I have posted about these before, but we really do use these all the time. Swim diapers all are not great at actually holding stuff but, these are stylish and comfy. Plus, you can rewash them and don’t have to keep buying disposables.

Water Shoes

These are our favorite water shoes for the kids. They are super comfortable, and they look cute. The kids say it feels like they are not even wearing shoes. So that’s a win!

There are probably 100 more recommendations I could make but, I will let you start packing! I hope this has helped you prepare for your fun family pool day. As we approach summer, don’t forget to also check out my post with 5 themed staycation days that your family will love!

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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