The Best Bikes to Start Toddlers Out Right

Riding a bike is such a big part of many people’s childhood. My husband and I had such fond memories from our childhood bikes, that we knew we wanted to start our kids out young. We wanted to be able to rent bikes at the beach as soon as possible! After four kids, there is one product that we recommend starting with time and time again. This is what we like to call the beginning to bike riding.

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The Radio Flyer 4-in-1

There are so many different types of bikes out there. It can be tough to know which product really is best. The Radio Flyer 4-in-1 allows for four different ways to ride, as a toddler grows.

It starts as a push bike with a handle and has a footrest. There is also a harness to hold your child in, so it can be used all the way down to 12 months! We literally pushed our kids through the mall in this thing. They do make them in a variety of different styles and colors. This one (pictured) is actually an Amazon exclusive item.

When your child is ready, and can reach the peddles, you can remove the footrest. That way they can begin to understand peddling on their own. You can continue to use the handle to guide them. Ultimately, when they are ready, this turns into a tricycle.

The best thing is that it is made by Radio Flyer. They are over 100 years old and a very trusted company. After all they are the original maker of the little red wagon!

What’s Next?

When our son moved up from the tricycle Radio Flyer, we went to the balance bike. He is two and learned how to ride his very quickly. He was zipping around the house in no time. The balance bike is the best way to get them ready to ride their own bike! I wish we would have used one with our second child. She probably would have been a lot more comfortable on her bike sooner.

Best of luck in your biking adventures and don’t forget the helmet! Be sure to check out my post on other things you should start from an early age.

-Kristy M., Mommy to Many

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